Are You Playing To The Wrong Crowd?

busker appreciation

We've all passed a busker standing in the street, trying to be heard above the noise. In London, you usually catch them playing in the tiled tunnels of the Underground. Tiles give a great acoustic, especially if you are a little rough around the edges, which let's face it, most buskers are. No doubt you've passed one who has caught your ear with something a little more tuneful than most. Something a little special about them that made you toss a coin or two in their direction. Perhaps … [Read more...]

Return On Joy

make a wish for joy

We all know what Return On Investment means, don't we? If you are a creative entrepreneur then you know more than anyone the importance of putting the right work into the right projects and the right people in order to get the most back. Leverage leverage leverage. You may know what your ROI is on the coaching you get or the software you buy. Perhaps you have a clear figure in mind for your cost per lead or whatever else seems to be important to your bottom line. But what is the ROI on … [Read more...]

Three Ways To Deal With Fear Crashing Your Party


Fear. A horribly drunk and evil gatecrasher of the party that is your life. It bitches in the kitchen behind your back about how dreadful the food is, how much your colleagues are bored by your work and how you're boyfriend is flirting with that girl from marketing in the next room. It steals the cash from your wallet and pinches the fat that peeks over the top of your jeans. Fear is basically a bastard. But it's also kind of sexy. Fear is kind of like those people you know you … [Read more...]

Opera at Jimbour – Die Fledermaus


Opera at Jimbour is now one of Queensland’s truly iconic music events – and rightly so. Jimbour is the only place in the world where you can picnic with a magnificent sandstone mansion in the background and spend the afternoon listening to opera! This year, Queensland Music Festival and OperaQ will turn the paddock into the World’s Biggest Ballroom with a special treat – a semi-staged concert of Johann Strauss’s champagne operetta, Fledermaus (aka The Bat) – a risqué tale of hidden identity, … [Read more...]

Opera in the Vineyard – Ballandean Estate

Opera In the Vineyard is a charity event held on the first weekend in May each year in the spectacular vineyards of Ballandean Estate Wines.   The event is one of South East Queensland's premier cultural events, and the jewel of the Granite Belt's social calendar. Opera in the Vineyard attracts up to 1800 people each year providing an intoxicating mix of music, wine, food and an unforgettable time.  The event organisers Ballandean Estate Wines and the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe have donated … [Read more...]

Opera Acoustics for Ipswich Festival

We invite you to join us for an evening featuring six singers from OperaQ in a glorious program of opera and song. Fresh from the success of its inaugural presentation in 2014, OperaQ will perform a concert inspired by the beauty, history and architecture of St Paul's Anglican Church, Ipswich. With a line up that features some of Queensland's most respected voices: Brad Daley, Matt Lower, Jason Barry-Smith and Natalie Peluso, in a magnificent historical setting, this event is not to be … [Read more...]

Noel! A magical Christmas recital with Natalie Peluso

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  "Natalie Christie, Natalie Christie, Natalie Christie. That seemed to be the name on everyone’s lips, at least in opera circles, at the end of this year’s summer season in Sydney. Christie’s performances were judged by many to be a definitive portrait…She was cheered night after night by Sydney Opera House audiences.” - OperaOpera Acclaimed soprano Natalie Peluso returns to St Mark’s after her incredibly successful Mother’s Day recital, accompanied by her wonderfully talented … [Read more...]