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Oksana, The Tsarina's Shoes at the Guildhall

"Stephen Medcalf had a fine cast to work with. The Australian Natalie Christie (Oksana) could march proudly into any of our national companies tomorrow - her soprano is as well-formed as her deliciously diminutive figure."


Rodney Milnes - The Times

"Most of the performances I heard this week were by students, including a spirited stab at Tchaikovsky's spirited folk-comedy Cherevichki (The Tsarina's Shoes) at the Guildhall School. Telling the same story as Rimsky-Korsakov's Christmas Eve, complete with suitors-in-the-sack routine and a sudden narrative deviation into mad-cap foot fetishism, it's a gift of a piece that should be better known.

The chorus writing is superb, and there's a choice soprano role, Oksana, taken here by a distinct star-on-the-rise, Natalie Christie. "


Michael White - The Independent on Sunday

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