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Recital, Young Australia at Government House Sydney

"Natalie Christie, a 25-year-old soprano who has spent the past five years in London, which explains why we haven't heard more of this captivating young voice.

Throughout the five selected songs of Hugo Wolf she gave the impression of barely being able to contain her emotions, alternately gushing with joy and choking with love-sickness. The audience hung on her every word.

Into the emotional maelstrom of Debussy's Ariettes Oubliees, Christie demonstrated an impressive timbral range, from the mellow lower registers to the brilliance of the top of her voice.

The tortured last song, Spleen, demanded a real bitterness. Finishing with two songs by Poulenc, she took away the bitter taste with Fetes Galantes, lapsing into the charm of a 1920s Parisian showgirl.

This exciting performer takes the role of Susanna in a forthcoming production of The Marriage of Figaro. Can't wait."


Harriet Cunningham - Sydney Morning Herald

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