Don Giovanni // Royal Opera House

"But what casting! Ildebrando D'Arcangelo's Leporello has the nobility of voice and theatrical charisma to make a great Don himself. The mimed serenade opening the second act is polished rather than pretence clumsy - clearly a well-honed party trick. John Mark Ainsley's sympathetic, intelligent Ottavio sings ravishingly, and creates a constantly impressive figure. Ana maria Martinez's fiesty, ripely passionate Elvira (in her torn and dirty wedding dress) wins more appreciation that Christine Goerke's powerful thrilling Anna, who loses impact and seems a bit too frigid. Natalie Christie's tiny, adorable Zerlina and Darren Jeffrey's affectionate, highly-promising Masetto steal their scenes perfectly. It's a feast of fine singing.


Tom Sutcliffe - London Evening Standard