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Love Every Setback

| Featured | 4 Comments

You know that moment when your dream seems stupidly far away? It doesn’t matter how much you squint, urging your eyes to make sharp sense of the blurred goals on…

spring clean your creativity

Time For A Creativity Spring Clean

| Featured | 4 Comments

Here in Brisbane the sun is shining, the sky has taken to wearing blue and I thought it time for a little spring clean. Let’s throw open the windows and…


Do You Own Your Energy?

| Featured | No Comments

“Hell is energy acting of its own impulse. Heaven is energy obeying something higher.” ~ William Blake   Think back over the things you have done today. Many of the…

make it happen!

Do You Have The Power To Make It Happen?

| Featured | 2 Comments

How much power do we really have to go and ‘make’ it happen? I had this thought on a loop this morning and I couldn’t understand why I was disagreeing…